Speb7 Adhesive
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SPEB-7 SH Adhesive. (Synthetic Resin Adhesive)
Customers can avail from us Synthetic Resin Adhesive in desired quality grades at market leading prices. These adhesives are pure in composition, highly effective and are widely reckoned for their strong adhesion which remains intact even in extreme conditions. Our product finds applications in varied furniture, wood, packaging, handy craft industries and applied on paper bags, wall paper and book binding.
SPEB-7 SH Adhesive
Major Applications :
SPEB-7 SH Adhesive
product offers excellent bonding strength between different types of wood assembly- bonding of Wood, Plywood, Laminates, Veneers, Particle Boards, Block board, MDF and other Wood Substitutes.

SPEB-7 SH Adhesive   SPEB-7 SH Adhesive
SPEB-7 SH Adhesive   SPEB-7 SH Adhesive
Application Industries
Packaging Industries
Handicraft Industries
Wallpaper and Book binding.
Method of Use
  • All surfaces to be bonded should be dry and free from dust, dirt, oil etc.
  • Oil, grease and other contaminants can be removed by wiping with solvent (IPA) and Dry properly.
  • Spread the substrate to-be-bonded on a flat surface
  • Stir SPEB-7 SH Adhesive (Synthetic Resin Adhesive) thoroughly, before using / applying
  • Apply adhesive generously in a uniform thin film on both or one surface (as required), with the help of Glue Spreader or Wooden Spatula.
  • Position surfaces carefully before assembly - Avoid repeated repositioning of two Substrates after bonding.. This will disturb formation/ Curing process. However, minor adjustment is possible after contact.
  • Press both the surfaces together applying uniform pressure and keep under pressure till the adhesive dries completely.
  • Handling strength can be achieved within 2.5 to 3 hrs.
  • The adhesive dries completely in 6-7 hrs under normal temperature (16-45 deg.c) & relative humidity 60%) to make the bonds.
  • Coverage is independent upon method by which the adhesive is applied. More adhesive (Lower coverage) is recommended if very soft wood or very porous surfaces (Like Pine, MDF, particle board etc.) to be bonded.
  • Excess adhesive pressed outside the joints should be wiped out with clean, wet, lint free cloth. The applicators are to be cleaned with clean water, post application, before the adhesive starts curing.
Note :
• Adhesive cannot be cleaned off rollers or brushes after it has completely dried.
• The moisture content in the wood should not be more than 12%
Precautions :
Don't apply thick layer of adhesive on the substrate
Don't add water into adhesive (for Wood Based Applications),
Clamp properly both the substrates
Don't move bonded substrates till handling strength achieved
Pack Size :
5 Kgs, 20 Kgs, 25 Kgs, 30 Kgs, 50 Kgs
  Features : Advantages : Benefits :
1. Resistant to Water. Resistant to Boiling Water (Upto 100 deg.C) Can be used in wide range of applications. Suitable for modern kitchen & bathroom application.
2. Resistant to Heat (Upto 80 deg.C) Same as Above Same as Above.
3. Fungus Resistance No damage to product on Shelf. No fungal infestations on the joints Higher Shelf Life. Long lasting Bond Life & Protection.
4. Higher Initial Tack & Fast Drying Faster assembly. Higher Productivity.
5. Thinner Bond Line No bubble formation between bonded materials due to lesser gap. Better Aesthetics. Supports critical designs & avoids Re-Work.
6. Better Flow Fast & Easy to Spread. Easy Application